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Experienced Mediator That You Can Trust

Norman Roser became an attorney in 1988 and has been practicing Mediation since 1992. As one of the early mediators in Houston, Texas, he has earned the trust of several clients in the area.

Norman’s Mediation Strategy

Norman Roser commits to getting cases resolved and focuses on settlement when mediating cases. He can create an environment that fosters peaceful discussions to help him find the best solution for both parties.

His unique ability to create an environment that fosters meaningful and peaceful discussions allows parties to agree on successful settlements every time.

Talk to Norman About Your Mediation Needs

Whether you are facing a small or big lawsuit, Norman Roser is happy to discuss the best settlement and resolution for you and the other party. He has the proven experience to mediate the case for you successfully.

Schedule a mediation session with Norman Roser to find out how he can help you with your case.